Hello everyone! I’m baaaack!

Sorry for the lack of posts.

I’ve been stuck in a whirlwhind of work and actually haven’t stitched much. But just this past Sunday, I did indulge in a craft of the yummy variety. I played with my food hehehe!

Attended a cookie decorating class taught by the talented Mong. It was such an eye-opening and fun day out for my friend D (who by the way, designs and makes beautiful jewellery – check it out at her Essentials Etsy site) and me.

We learnt how to make, tint and thin royal icing, outline and fill (I mean flood! (in cookie speak) ) a cookie with the icing, work with fondant and using it to decorate a cookie. 

Evidence of hard work from cookie deco class - theres a clumsy spill tho!

Evidence of hard work from cookie deco class - there's a clumsy spill tho!

It was so fun, especially when done with a friend!
The designs one can churn out are limitless and creativity reigns.


I have a problem.

I’m heading to Australia for a week as a tagger-along very soon – J is visiting his friends and I thought it’d be nice to just go along and do no planning, no organising and well, maybe just nothing for a change.

That’s not my problem, of course!! Hahaha!

Rather, I need to find a way to stitch on the plane!

I’m wondering:

Are needles allowed on the plane? Will they pass through airport security? Will it be okay if I actually show the guards my sewing to prove that I’m really doing needlework?

I know scissors are not allowed but can I borrow one from the staff onboard the plane? Or is there any other item – allowed on the plane – that I can use to cut the threads?

How has your experience been? Thanks in advance for sharing and learning together 🙂

Delicate stitches on A Glassful of Roses

Delicate stitches on A Glassful of Roses


Can I just say what a difference some backstitching makes!

A Glassful of Roses looks a lot more complete now and I’m looking forward to finally finishing this very soon. Stay tuned!

(Check out the Flickr (right) photostream for more pictures.)

Pattern from an old Cross Stitcher magazine.

A Glassful Of Roses

This is my current WIP – I have been on it for at least two months now!

This should have been a quick stitch but not for slow pokes like me I suppose. Haha!

I will try to get this done by end-July.

This is a pattern from an old Cross Stitcher magazine and is done using DMC threads on 14-count antique white Aida.

I absolutely love how the backstitches bring out the details in the piece. It’s like a different piece before the backstitching and after. Amazing!

What do you think? How should I finish it?

(I’m thinking of making it into a card for a friend.)

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Here, I will share with you my adventures in the world of cross-stitch and hopefully, other forms of needlework and embroidery as I go along. Ocassionally, maybe I’ll indulge in some other crafty endeavours too.

I find cross-stitching to be such a relaxing hobby. (But lately, I find it slightly stressful as I have to squeeze out time for it because of my hectic work schedule – the irony of it!)

As a little girl, I used to watch in awe as my mother churned out piece after piece of art. She’s not the sort who would stitch pretty little things; rather, her pieces were large ones and she always finished them beautifully into functional pieces. We had a few cross-stitched cushion covers, a cross-stitched piano throw and I even got a cross-stitched pencil case. One of the more memorable pieces she made was a pretty wedding sampler for my uncle’s wedding – that was framed up just in time the day before the wedding!

Perhaps I will try to get some photos of the pieces that are still remaining in our family home.

Do read more about me in the About section.

I would love to learn and share together with you all so feel free to get in touch at xstitchaholic [at] gmail [dot] com.

Meanwhile, happy cross-stitching!


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