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Delicate stitches on A Glassful of Roses

Delicate stitches on A Glassful of Roses


Can I just say what a difference some backstitching makes!

A Glassful of Roses looks a lot more complete now and I’m looking forward to finally finishing this very soon. Stay tuned!

(Check out the Flickr (right) photostream for more pictures.)

Pattern from an old Cross Stitcher magazine.

A Glassful Of Roses

This is my current WIP – I have been on it for at least two months now!

This should have been a quick stitch but not for slow pokes like me I suppose. Haha!

I will try to get this done by end-July.

This is a pattern from an old Cross Stitcher magazine and is done using DMC threads on 14-count antique white Aida.

I absolutely love how the backstitches bring out the details in the piece. It’s like a different piece before the backstitching and after. Amazing!

What do you think? How should I finish it?

(I’m thinking of making it into a card for a friend.)


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